What Can a Muslim Female MP Do for Muslim Women in Australia?

It appears that a female Muslim may have been elected to the Federal Parliament in Australia. Anne Aly has been active in counter-terrorism and is a professor at Edith Cowan university where she achieved her doctorate in 2008. She is the founder of ‘people against violent extremism’ and has been inducted into the Western Australia’s Women’s Hall of Fame. So what can she do for other Muslim females who are ‘under the thumb’ of their dominant husbands?

Born in Egypt and reared in Australia from the age of 2 she must be familiar with the dislike of things like the burqa, and the hajib that many wear. These pieces of clothing are an affront to other women who see them as a step into the distant past when women had no voice and were hidden from view, which is still the intent behind them.

As a spokesperson and activist against violence and one who has taken on the task of deradicalisation of young people she must be aware of the problems the Muslim women face from their counter-parts in a free society. Many years ago I helped a young Muslim woman, whose mother was trapped in Turkey. She explained many things about male domination within their Australian communities.

Women, like her, are so controlled that locks are placed on letter boxes so they cannot receive any form of letter or publication other than what the husband approves. They cannot watch Australian television and their lives are so controlled that everything they do has to be sanctioned by a male. The wearing of the burqa is not a sacred act because the religion was established by the Vatican.

After my reincarnation and knowledge that heaven and hell are myths my life has been a long learning curve to establish the origin of religion and the roots of customs, and so on. It was no shock to learn that they are all from the same source, Islam. It was the religion of Babylon and the name means ‘eye of light-god powerful mother’.

That ‘mother’ is ‘ma-r-y’ which means ‘mother’s powerful eye’ and this is the origin of the sun-star that sits on the flag of Islam and over every institution as the 5-point star. It is from here that the Catholic Church was established based on the same principles by Constantine. Although a Roman Caesar his religion was Islam and his origin was Amor. He is the Amorite mentioned in Amos 2:5.

He built the Vatican as a parliament to help control the empire and empower him further. He is the second beast of Revelation 13:12-18 and the one bearing the number 666. The Muslim branch was started when the Vatican appointed Augustine to do the job in the late 4th Century.

Now it is up to people like Aly to bring these facts to the fore and hopefully give her religious sisters the correct information. Radicalisation starts with lies and dreams of heaven and paradise, which don’t exist. Mohamed was not a prophet but one trained into the role. If she can achieve these goals she will be more than welcome in the next parliament in this country.

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